• Specializing in residential property care
    while you're away™



  • We are a unique Home Watch Service.
  • We provide care for a few days or longer.
  • We make your time away worry free.
  • We help people meet their home insurance requirements and bring you peace of mind.
  • We have extensive experience in property management / ownership.
  • We have well-established relationships with reliable contractors.
  • We meet a variety of needs and include key services for property inspection.
  • We offer additional services as needed.
  • We are insured and bonded.

Management Services

  • Yard maintenance (lawns, gardens and snow removal)
  • Utility bill management
  • Care for estate property (liaise with real estate agents, lawyers, purchases, vendors)
  • Valet services (ex: managing your pre-arranged appointments in your home, vehicle care)
  • Overseeing urgent repairs and 24-hour on call

Home Services

  • Pet care
  • Property inspection
  • Indoor/outdoor plant care
  • Lawn watering care
  • Mailbox/newspaper collection
  • Email status reports
  • Walkway snow removal allowing for mail delivery
  • Cleaning Services
  • Pest control

Security & Confidentiality

  • All client information is safe and secure
  • We respect and protect your most important asset - "your home"

"Life will just feel better when you can trust us to look after your home.™"

Northern Spirit Home Services

Questions? Please feel free to drop us an email from the form to the right or by phone and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Email: info@nshomeservices.ca

Tel: +1 (204) 801-4217

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